Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mattingly vs Ryan Friday Night Special Challenge Win The Cards and Win Non Baseball Spot

Game time is 7:05pm ET 8/23/12. No more entries will be allowed after that time. Make sure you only pick one answer per question. There will be 3 winners for this challenge and winners will pick their collection in order of finish. Follow along on Twitter @WinMyCards This challenge is free, for the cards pictured!!!!!!!


Collection #1 Giants

Collection #2 Angels

Collection #3 Nolan Ryan
Collection #4 Don Mattingly

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  1. This challenge is free to win the cards, as usual. Only deposit $1.50 if you are interested in winning the Non-sport/non-Baseball slot available for tonight's A&G box break. The paid person with the most points wins the spot. Good Luck


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