Saturday, August 11, 2012

Braves vs Mets Challenge

Game time is 7:05pm ET. No more entries will be allowed after that time. Make sure you only pick one answer per question. There will be 3 winners for this challenge and winners will pick their collection in order of finish. Follow along on Twitter @WinMyCards

Collection #1 Bob Horner

Collection #2 Atlanta Braves

Collection #3 Mookie Wilson

Collection #4 NY Mets


  1. Post Glavine RC comments here. Winner will be picked at game time tonight. Good Luck

    1. Make sure to include your Twitter name

    2. Enter your favorite Braves or Tom Glavine moment here.

    3. Anonymous

      My favorite Glavine/Braves moment was taking my son to his first major league baseball game to see the Braves, with Tom Glavine pitching. This was extra special for me because Glavine also started the first Braves game I ever attended, 15 years earlier. Two generations of Braves fans who both saw Glavine pitch at their first Braves game! @swearmp

  2. dshemie8

    My Favorite Braves moment was when they made it to the playoffs in 2010 because it was the first year I was following baseball and I really enjoyed watching them play at the time because they had an amazing team. It was cool that they played the Giants, Who ended winning the world series. In all, It was very exciting.

  3. My favorite Braves moment was a game they lost, but hear me out on this. I was in Atlanta and we were going to my first Braves game at the Ted. It was supposed to rain that night so we get seats in a club, I frget the name, to stay dry. So it was a special treat for me and the year was 2010 so I was excited to see a great team that had Jason Heyward. It was a close game and a fun night, and though the Braves ened up losing I loved the stadium and I've always liked the Braves, not as a favorite team but just liked them and that night was special for me. @Baseballer163

  4. Wow, where should I began. I've been a HUGE Braves fan since I was a kid. I went to school with Steve Avery's wife and family and watched him play locally where I grew in Michigan a followed him thru the pros. Ive watched the Braves play in several differrent stadiums, the best being Wrigley Field where I sat 3 rows away from Chipper down 3rd base line. 2 Brave moments stick out in my mind, the first was Sid Bream's slide into home plate in game 7 against the nemesis Pirates to send the Braves to the 1992 World Series. That play still sends chills down my back every time I see it. The second moment is a Tom Glavine moment when he and Wholers threw a combined 1 hitter in game 6 of the 1995 World Series to defeat the Indians 1-0 and win the World Series!...the bottom line: 14 straight division titles, THE BRAVES ARE JUST AWESOME!

    1. Tell me this. Why did Atlanta not put in a pinch runner for Bream when he was on 2nd?

    2. Haaa...good question. Cox already used Fran Cabrera to pinch run...and why did Lind, who only made 6 errors all yr at 2b, boot Justices' ball to get himon base before Bream...ahhh all the stars were just aligned rt for the Braves!

    3. Watching Sid Bream running home that night in real time slo-mo was one of my best memories.

  5. Anonymous

    My favorite Braves moment was the first game I ever went to I 1995 (the year they won the World Series). It was with my dad and they were playing the Mets at Fulton County Stadium. Just walling into the stadium and seeing all of the people in the crowd and hearing the tomahawk chop was something I will NEVER forget. Fom that day forward I've been obsessed with the Braves! -- @Justin_Paitsel on Twitter

  6. Anonymous

    My favorite memory of the Braves was traveling to New York to see the Braves v. Yankees game. It was a Monday and the Braves didn't win- but I was so happy to be there supporting an amazing team. My boyfriend is completely obsessed (@justin_Paitsel) with the Braves and I'd give this card to him :) I'm so glad he likes a good team that I like to watch too!!! From @HannahCWeiss

  7. Alpha_Sigma74

    First off I loved Tom Glavine. He caught my interest when I was younger because he played hockey just like me. I started collecting his cards and became a big fan. My favorite memory of Tom Glavine as a Cubs fan was when Tom Glavine pitched seven strong innings which capped one of the most remarkable comebacks in playoff history as the Braves overcame a 3-1 deficit to St. Louis and won Game 7 in Atlanta, 15-0. I knew this guy would be special. Anytime you beat the Cardinals you are okay in my book. Hard to believe he played 16 years for one team and was NEVER on the disabled list until he went to the Mets.


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